What You’ll Experience

In the center of the Kansai Region is Osaka. Including Tokyo and Yokohama, it is one of the most populated cities in Japan. This quaint city is well-known for its dining, entertainment, and nightlife. Osaka is known as the “kitchen of the country,” and you really must try its specialty foods, which include okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Take advantage of our private trip to see Osaka!


9:00 Pick-up at the hotel or nearest train station within Osaka City

9:30-11:30 Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle, Japan

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is one of the most famous sightseeing spots among locals and tourists in Japan. Visitors can go inside and admire the interior of this historic site. On the top floor, a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas awaits. Surrounding the castle is a vast park which graces lush greenery that changes in tune with the season and is perfect for relaxation.

11:30-12:30 Amemura (America Village)

Amemura (America Village) in Osaka Japan


Amemura (also known as Amerika-Mura or America Village) is a vibrant neighborhood in the west of Shinsaibashi Shopping District. Its trendy streets filled with street foods, cafes, galleries, Western clothing store, and retro stores that sell vintage clothing and secondhand books and records make it a popular hangout among place.

12:30-14:30 Dotonbori (Lunch & Free Time/Shopping)

Night View of Dotonbori in Osaka, Japan


Given all of the enormous, eye-catching signage in and around Dotonbori, it’s no surprise that this busy neighborhood is a well-liked tourist attraction. In the nighttime, Dotonbori is illuminated by vibrant neon billboards. Savor the local delicacies, including as okonomiyaki and takoyaki, while watching the boat cruise passing by along the river.

14:30-15:30 Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple in Osaka, Japan


Shitennoji is officially the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan. Not only is this temple one of the oldest, but also one of the largest in the city. This temple complex is situated in Tennoji, the southern district in Osaka. Ascend to the summit of the five-story pagoda to witness the breathtaking panorama of the complex from the windows.

15:30-17:30 Shinsekai

Shinsekai night view in Osaka, Japan


Shinsekai, known for its iconic Tsutenkaku Tower, is a retro downtown area in Southern Osaka. Savor a variety of kushikatsu, a deep-fried Japanese delicacy of skewered pork and veggies; explore the panoramic view from Tsutenkaku Tower’s observatory deck; or simply play your favorite retro arcade game at Shinsekai!

17:30-18:30 Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building Night View

Umeda Sky Building

The breathtaking view of skyscrapers from this high-rise structure close to Osaka Station will absolutely captivate you. Experience the 360-degree outdoor panoramic view from the 170-meter-high Floating Garden Observatory. There’s a restaurant, cafe, and sky lounge to enhance your experience while admiring the metropolis.

19:00 Drop-off at the hotel or nearest train station




Sedan (max 4 passengers) 76,300~ JPY
Mini Van (max 6 passengers) 79,200~ JPY
Hiace Van (max 9 passengers) 80,300~ JPY
Mini Bus (max 18 passengers) 105,000~ JPY
Small Size Bus (max 20 passengers) 117,000~ JPY
Medium Size Bus (max 27 passengers) 126,000~ JPY
Large Size Bus (max 45 passengers) 143,000~ JPY

Remarks / Additional Information

-The rates are per vehicle and not per person.

-Please note that the prices are subject to change depending on availability.

-If no one in your group speaks Japanese, you will need a guide or a tour conductor.

-Prices don’t include train transportation fees (for pick up at the station), admission fees, lunch fees and English speaking guide fee.

-If you prefer to have your own itinerary for a private tour, please feel free to contact us.

-Please send your detailed itinerary at least (2) weeks in advance before your tour date.

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