Professional Tour Guide Service

It is a professional tour guide that was approved by the Japanese government.Professional tour guide has extensive knowledge of Japanese geography and history, as well as interpreting work. Guiding work on sightseeing spots can also be handled.

4 Hours 20,000 JPY〜
8 Hours 33,000 JPY〜

English Staff Service

English staff would not able to explain sightseeing spots, but English staff can communicate with drivers and possible to correspond with a simple interpreter at the hotel.

4 Hours 14,000 JPY〜
8 Hours 25,000 JPY〜

Restaurant Reservation Service

If you wish to have lunch or dinner in a fixed place, we will reserve a restaurant on your behalf.
Reservation fee will change according to availability of other services, so please contact us if you wish.

Pocket-Wifi Rental Service

Japan is a country with few free Wifi spots, so Pocket Wifi would be a convenient to have. Since it can be received from the driver, it can be used right after arriving in Japan. It is also possible to receive and return it at the accommodation hotel etc.

Rental fee 750 JPY/per day
Deposit fee(shipping cost) 1,000 JPY〜
  • * Regardless of the number of rental days, you have to pay deposit fee.
  • * Up to 10 units can be connected with one Pocket-Wifi device.
  • * In case of loss / breakdown of devices, you need to pay penalty fees..